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Dj Screw

Dj screw at the studio

Originated by the great DJ Screw. Chopped & Screwed is more than just music, it represents a culture of slowed down living and relaxation. Screw’s legacy has a has deep and loyal Fan following, through that culture there have been many prominent artist who have emerged from his lineage. His influence is undeniable, and Chopped & Screwed has evolved into a culture  that has become synonymous with DJ Screw.



Our Inspiration

To create a beverage that would authentically represent DJ Screw and the “slowed down” culture that his music represented. We Spent more than 2 years in R&D, perfecting the unique Flavors and Formulating a product that lives up its label. Using Real Cane Sugar instead of high Fructose corn syrup.  Adding quality and authenticity to Screw’s Southern Soda.

Dj screw doing what he does best
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